Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Cruise Holiday. The Good and the Bad.

The frost has blackened my chrysanths in the garden and there's a distinct chill in the air. Winter's on the way! To cheer myself up on this murky Saturday I decided to upload the photos from our cruise in the summer. We were talking about it the other day and decided although we had a grand time we probably won't want to do another. So what was good about it? Well a great stateroom with a balcony from where we could view a different port each morning. Fantastic food and a restaurant where we were made to feel like royalty by the staff. Had a dining table right by the window and saw dolphins swimming alongside the ship as we ate. Magical! I am still trying to work out how to make the triangular shaped tomato bread bites that they made and served with dinner on the ship. Great flavour. If anybody has any tips for tomato bread - I would be grateful to have them! And I enjoyed my $10 flutter in the Casino which lasted all of 30 seconds I obviously don't have the skill to become a great gambler. And what was bad about it? Getting booked in and getting on the ship was more stressful and more chaotic than Heathrow Airport in a crisis!! The folks occupying the neighboring balcony to ours - chainsmoked & seemed to live on their balcony . As non-smokers we found that really off putting and had to keep our door shut much of the time. The Bay of Biscay may not have been very rough and YoungNells and hubby never noticed it but it made me queasy. And I was really struck by how much water there is out there in the oceans!! Wine was horrendously expensive. $30 a bottle for wine we'd pay less than £6 bottle for in UK. Dressing up at night for dinner was fun but being a bit of a sloth it was nice to come home, hang up the posh dresses and take out the comfy clothes and slippers again! All in all a lovely experience but think we'll holiday in England next year. That way at least we'll be able to afford the wine!!