Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Optimism

OK so winter's on the way!

But I've got juicy Black Russian tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse and intriguing Potimarron squashes (only 3 fruits from 6 plants but nonetheless!) maturing ready for soup making in October. Just have to work out my recipe. I'll post it in a few days.

Next year's holiday is already in the planning stages - a first time cruise in the Med. Hubby wants an Alicante market to buy shoes, I want a tucked away tapas bar in Barcelona and young nell, who has just had her ears pierced and thinks she's now the bee's knees, is hoping for boutiques in Cannes - I think that might be an £ouch!

I'm busy watching the autumn conferences of the libdems, labour and tory parties. I'm struggling at the moment to work out whether labour thinks it's red or blue. And it's odd that their senior people don't like marriage. Ed Miliband openly admits he didn't want to marry his long term partner and mother of his children and only did it because the party insisted on it.  His shadow chancellor Balls says his children have taken his wife's surname of Cooper and Harriett Harman , the labour deputy leader, has kept her own name even though she has a long term partner, Jack Dromey and children.    Doesn't anyone in the labour party think that stable family life is good for kids anymore?

Three projects in the planning, young nell's halloween school cake sale for charity, Guy Fawkes BBQ Supper and Xmas.  More of which later.

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