Saturday, 22 September 2012

In Search of That Perfect Curry

This is my latest curry which we sampled tonight. Really pleased with it but still only give it 6/10. If anyone can see ways I could improve it I'd welcome your comments. Ingredients 500g meat – diced. I large Onion chopped. 2/3 teaspoons of crushed garlic. I teaspoon of ginger (from jar). Tablesp or 2 of Ghee or Oil. 1 teaspoon each of mango powder, ground coriander, ground cumin, turmeric, ground black pepper, chilli powder, sea salt 1 Tablespoon Garam Masala. 2 bay leaves, cinnamon stick, 4/5 cardomom pods, Tin Tomatoes, 100 ml yoghurt, 1 Tablespoon tomato paste Fry Onion, Garlic and Ginger in ghee until translucent. Add spices and cook quite hard for 5 mins. Add tomatoes, tomato paste , yoghurt and 2 ladels of chicken stock (or water) Add meat and veg and simmer for 40 mins. 5 mins before serving stir in 1 teaspoon of garam masala , bring to boil , sprinkle chopped coriander over top and serve.


  1. Looks yummy Nell. The taste of any dish is usually an individual / family result where we cater for both youthful and worn out taste buds. I tend to use a little lemon juice too and throw in red and green pimentoes/ peppers at the last minute, loving a bit of colour.
    The wife [of Chinese heritage] often swears by the addition of a teaspoonfull of sugar and usually suggests leaving my covered cooked end result to marinate /rest for 24 hours in it's own juices in the fridge. [This allows for excess fat, from lamb or pork, to be scooped out before reheating.]
    Trying to find the 'Michelin Star' end result you could divide your classic into small, separate dishes and play with all or some of the above suggestions if your hungry family can stand the wait. Cooking is fun. If the end result turns out more Dunlop than Michelin feel free to put the blame on me.

  2. Thank you for that. Will try the lemon juice and the spoonful of sugar.

    Was reading today from someone that they think making a curry and then letting marinate 24 hours or freezing it down and thencooking it really improves it. That could be right as time must allow the spices to work their way through the ingredients.